The mind is a beautiful thing, full of mystery and wonder. It's the true window into who we are. Getting to know your mind can be just as mysterious, though, and at times, difficult. A project from Interaxon is claiming to "change the way the world thinks" through its brainwave-sensing headband, Muse.

The thought-controlled computing company developed the lightweight headband with four EEG (electroencephalography) sensors that pick up brainwaves to control applications in games and computing. Another purpose it serves is to provide a window into the workings of your mind. The sensors in Muse record electrical outputs from the brain to measure alpha and beta waves. Alpha waves are the ones that show a relaxed state and beta waves depict intense concentration and activity.

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The headband measures these waves and uses an algorithm to graph changes in the brain to show you when your mind is wandering or when your concentration is at its best. It sends that data to a mobile device via Bluetooth. Through an application you can play games and participate in memory improvement training to change how those waves look.

At first glance, the idea of measuring your brain waves seems sort of silly, but it's no different than the brain training games that have become so popular. The added benefit here is that it's real-time feedback. You can see the changes in concentration as they happen.

The project is seeking funding through Indiegogo, check out their page for more info.


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Credit: Interaxon