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To the offending tweeter, Jester said he had "Skills that make me a nightmare for people like u." Credit: Dreamtime

Score another one for the Jester.

On Friday, Dec. 14, the shadowy "patriot hacker" was instrumental

in taking down a Twitter account that mocked the victims of that morning's

Newtown, Conn., elementary

school massacre.

The account, at @z0bm13d, used a news photo of a bloodied, crying child as

its wallpaper, and a photo of a little boy wearing bloody zombie makeup as its

icon. Its displayed name was "Sandy Hook Victim."

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"I now have more holes that my daddy can [have sex with]," the

account posted. "I forgive Ryan Lanza for what he did to me."

(Ryan Lanza of Hoboken, N.J., was erroneously named by several news outlets

Friday as the Newtown shooter. The killer was actually his younger brother,

Adam Lanza, who appeared to have been carrying identification naming him as

Ryan Lanza.)

Public Outcry

It's not clear how quickly the alarm was raised, but on Friday evening a

Twitter account at @GonzoPhD posted,

"I never do this so listen to me this one time — report this sick piece of

.@z0mb13d for parodying today's shootings."

The Jester, whose Twitter account is @th3j35t3r, and whose activities are

mostly limited to attacking Islamic extremist websites, noticed and tried to

alert Twitter management directly.

"@twitter @support @safety 'FIX' THIS >> @z0mb13d," he tweeted.

"Retrieve any IP details logged, pass to LEA's, I'd be happy to give perp

some 'bad news'."

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But it seemed the Jester, who has managed to keep his own identity secret,

wasn't willing to wait for Twitter to take action.

"Only hope is a very clever SE [social

engineering] attack," he tweeted. "@z0mb13d I have a very

particular set of skills acquired over a long career. Skills that make me a

nightmare for people like u."

(Twitter refused to comment for this story. The Jester did not respond to a

request for comment.)

Connecting the Dots

First, the Jester said, he looked at @z0mb13d's followers and quickly

correlated them to a similarly named group in the Steam online-gaming


"Guy behind this despicable account >@z0mb13d is part of 'zomb13'

gaming crew on steam, look at his followers, then look at steam," the

Jester wrote. "How long b4 one of ur 'buddies' rats u out as pressure


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Within a couple of hours, the Jester dug up and posted a partial telephone

number belonging to a friend of the @z0mb13d account owner.

Around the same time one of @z0mb13d's first followers, whose account bore

the same handle as a member of the gaming crew, closed his Twitter account.

An hour later, the Jester had linked the offensive account to an Indiana

college student who worked at Dairy Queen and liked the horror-rap group Insane

Clown Posse — and @z0mb13d had been suspended by Twitter.

Just as soon as that small victory was achieved, however, another threat to

online decency presented itself.

The Westboro

Baptist Church, famed for picketing military funerals with "God Hates

Fags" signs, promised via

Twitter to do the same at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Soon afterwards, the Jester posted another tweet: "#WBC #Westboro

baptist church site — seems to be experiencing 'technical


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