Perhaps mud runs were getting a little blase, or the summer heat was getting to be too much for dry-wick fabric: Whatever the reason, the newest trend in road running is naked races, according to Runner’s World.

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Almost 30 races bill themselves as nude-only events, the magazine reports, including the National Championship of Nude Running and a 5K Nude Racing Series in Texas and Oklahoma.

“There’s no question there’s a bucket-list mentality to this,” Pete Williams, director of the Caliente Bare Dare 5K, told Runner’s World.

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Although the races may be just on the verge of mainstream, they’re not completely new: the Bare Buns Fun Run in Washington is celebrating its 30th anniversary this month.

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“It was so much fun — and every fear I had just went away,” said Whitney Lasseter, who set a personal record in the Caliente Bare Dare 5K. “Our bodies were designed to be naked. It’s our minds we have to tell to shut up.”

Some first-timer tips: Wear shoes and a watch, and don’t worry about your mom finding out: Many races don’t report full names.

Still not extreme enough? Try Mud, Sweat, and Boobs, believed to be the first U.S. naked obstacle race. It debuted in June.

“Of course, there’s no razor wire or anything like that to catch on dangly bits,” said race director Rich Gilbreath.

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