Transocean To Pay $1.4 bn:

The United States hit drilling rig operator Transocean with $1.4

billion in criminal and civil fines Thursday for its role in the 2010

Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Nearly two

months after oil giant BP was fined $4.5 billion for its leading role in

the disaster, Transocean agreed to plead guilty to violating the Clean

Water Act and pay the fines, the Justice Department said.


blowout on its drilling rig Deepwater Horizon on April 20, 2010, killed

11 and sent some 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf, one of the

country’s most devastating environmental disasters.

The Transocean

vessel was drilling the well for BP at the time, and both companies had

pointed the finger at the other as responsible.

In pleading

guilty, the department said, Transocean admitted its rig crew was

“negligent in failing fully to investigate clear indications that the

Macondo well was not secure and that oil and gas were flowing into the


The firm was ordered to pay $400 million to resolve

criminal charges and another $1 billion in civil penalties, partly to

fund spill prevention and environmental restoration in the five states

hit by the three-month-long spill.