StringStretcha: $14.50

As a guitar novice, there can be responsibilities that maybe weren’t thought about when the decision to play this instrument came up, like re-stringing. Those shiny new strings will break, probably while you’re playing (that might hurt) and they’ll need to be replaced. With that, comes string stretching. Stretching strings involves each string being held at the top and tugged from the bottom. This method seems simple, but sometimes there can be tuning issues and apparently, it can mess up your hands.

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StringStretcha was invented to make this process easier and more precise. The string is stretched with the hook and heel of the device. With some pressure added to the heel, it is dragged along the string toward the nut then back up. The process is supposed to take about five minutes as opposed to the 45 minutes the website says it takes by hand. This seems like a good tool for someone who constantly has to restring guitars, but for the casual player it might take away from the experience of owning a guitar. Taking care of it and getting to know it is an important bonding experience, plus isn’t having awesome calluses part of being a guitar player?

Via: Gizmag

Credit: StringStretcha