Chaotic Moon Labs, who brought us the The Board of Awesomeness, has an idea for a more practical technology: A grocery cart that knows what's on your list and follows you around the store. Chaotic is testing the cart with Whole Foods.

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Shoppers control the "Smarter Cart," via a motion-sensing Kinect synced with a Windows 8 tablet. The motion sensors monitor the user and follow her down the aisles. If she can't find a product, it will direct her. If she adds a product to the list that is different from what's on her list, the system informs her. In the demo, for example, the shopper chooses pasta that is not gluten-free, even though he had put gluten-free pasta on his list.

Whole Foods has plans to begin testing the carts at one store in Austin, Tex., next month.

Credit: Screen grab from YouTube video