'Great Bull Run' Brings Stampedes to U.S.

Runners enter a 1/4-mile stretch of race track with 1,500-pound bulls that can run up to 35 miles per hour.

For almost seven centuries, people have flocked to Pamplona, Spain, to watch humans try to outpace bulls. With this year's "Running of the Bulls" taking place next week, a slightly tamer version is billing itself as the "real deal" in the U.S.

The Great Bull Run hosts one-day festivals across the United States, featuring bulls with blunter horns and escape routes for runners. (Bonus: the bulls aren't killed afterward.)

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Still, there's no guarantee of safety: "you could still die," the website's FAQ boasts. So far, in the first five events, no one has. (There have been 15 deaths in the Pamplona tradition.)

Two of the first 20,000 people participating in The Great Bull Run have required serious medical attention (a broken wrist and a broken pelvis).

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In the U.S. version, runners race the bulls down a quarter-mile track lined with easy-to-climb fencing, making for quick escape routes.

When ESPN's Kenny Mayne tried it, he said of his final sprint: "I ran about four feet and got the hell off the course. I did this after seeing people being knocked over, a young girl in the fetal position, bulls jumping over her. I'll never do this again."

Photo: Bull Run