Gardens are springing up everywhere, even in cities. But if you have one, you know that, come harvest time, you often have way too much. Unloading your overabundance onto friends and relatives helps, but a new Web app could expand your network. Rip Near Me, started by Australians Alastair and Helena Martin, puts growers in touch with local buyers.

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The app is easy. If you’re a grower, you set up an account, list your edibles and the days they’ll be ripe. If you’re a buyer, you log into your free account and find local sources of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Track when they’ll be ripe and connect with other foodie friends. Imagine the flavor and quality of produce that has ripened just across town or even down the street.

The Martins hope their venture promotes urban garden, not just in backyards but everywhere. They write: “There is an astonishing amount of open spaces in our cities. Imagine if the trees that line streets produce food, and city parks become food forests?”

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Because this app was started in Australia, many of the current food sources are located there. However, it’s catching on in Canada and the United States and the Martins have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money in order to expand their reach.

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