Geese and seagulls can be menace around airports and foul city parks and beaches with their poo. Their droppings can feed bacteria in the water and make swimming hazardous to one’s health.

In Canada, town officials from Petrie Island, Ottawa, got tired of the hundreds of geese flocking and defecating on their beaches and hired Steve Wambolt, a former unemployed IT worker, who launched a business to chase off nuisance birds with an remotely operated drone.

Suicide Drones Blow Up With Their Target

Wambolt shows up before dawn with the goal of chasing away birds before they get too comfortable in the area. He disturbs them with the low-flying drone for about three hours in the morning and then again in the late afternoon. Just three weeks into a three month contract, Wambolt told the Ottawa Citizen that the population of geese dropped from about 150 geese to about 20.

The hope is that the geese will find a more suitable location to hang out.

Drones like this could also be used at airports to chase off flocks of birds that could end up in jet engines, causing dangerous situations for pilots and passengers.

via Ottawa Citizen

Credit: Video Screengrab