Days after unveiling a line of well-designed Glass frames, Google launched its first series of games for the augmented reality glasses. Five simplistic mini games have been released, hacked together to inspire developers.

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“Tennis” taps the gyroscope and accelerometer to let wearers’ use their head as a racket. “Balance,” easily the most boring of the five, lets users “find out how well you’d do at Swiss finishing school” by shifting their head to keep pile of shapes from toppling over.

“Clay Shooter,” the standout, is a classic shooting game from the user’s perspective. “Say ‘Pull!’ and a pigeon is launched in the direction you’re looking,” Google explains. “The accelerometer and some Newtonian physics help determine the pigeon’s path.”

“Matcher” tests memory and concentration, similar to the classic card-matching game. And get ready to use you hands as a Shinobi sword with “Shape Splitter,” because it’s basically “Fruit Ninja” for Glass.

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The games may seem a bit elementary, but that’s just the point. Google more than hints that these games are just samples. In fact, the company encourages you to get the Glass Development Kit and start building your own games.

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Credit: Google