Did Google Solve Maternity Leave?: Tech companies are not always considered female employee-friendly, but

Google doesn't want it to be said it's because they don't try.

Faced with the loss of many women at the top Google needed to make some changes to stay female-friendly. to The Atlantic, post-maternity leave "Google was losing women."

According to The New York Times, "The

attrition rate for postpartum women was twice that for other employees." To solve the issue, Google lengthened maternity leave to five months from three

and changed it from partial pay to full pay." They also allowed "seven weeks for new fathers," and a "$500 stipend for take out meals after a baby is born." With luck their data-driven approach will help them retain and attract more females to their ranks. 

It looks good, as so far the changes have decreased postpartum attrition by 50

percent. With luck, though their example other companies will assess and improve work-life balance for their female workforce. via The New York Times and The Atlantic