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And today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to Gregor Mendel, regarded as the father of modern genetics.

It’s his 189th birthday, the Christian Science Montior reported.

Through observations in peas, Mendel, a Moravian monk, came up with the concept of dominant and recessive traits, something CS Monitor said paved the way for Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Because without Mendel’s contributions, Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution would make no sense. In his 1859 book “The Origin of Species,” Darwin postulated that species evolve by means of mutation and natural selection. For example, an antelope-like creature with a slightly longer neck will be able to dine on leaves that are unreachable by her peers. This advantage will make her more likely to survive into adulthood and to have more offspring, who are themselves more likely to have inherited their mother’s longer neck. Eventually, over thousands of generations, the trait for longer necks spreads through the population, and they gradually become giraffes.

Happy birthday Gregor!