If you were were confined all day to a small glass box full of water, you’d probably be itching to get out, see the sights and take a little drive. So how do you think pet goldfish feel?

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Thankfully, a Dutch tech-design firm has heard and answered the call to the open road that beckons so many aquarium dwellers. In “an attempt to liberate fish all over the world,” Studio Diip has developed “Fish on Wheels,” the world’s first self-driving car for gill-and-fin motorists.

The prototype of the tongue-in-cheek fish buggy consists of a small aquarium on top of a battery-powered, radio-controlled car. Two single-board microcontrollers — an Arduino and a Beagleboard — are connected to a standard webcam, which tracks the fish’s position in the tank. Whichever way the fish swims steers the car in that direction. Eat your heart out, cat in a shark costume chasing a duck while riding a Roomba.

“Hopefully this invention will encourage more development in enhanced pet mobility, so pet animals can travel the world more freely,” Studio Diip explains.

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Whether you want to take that statement with a grain of salt might depend on if you believe in pet psychics. However, my only complaint is this: the twee ukulele soundtrack used in the video of fishy-fishy taking her wheels for a spin. I mean, c’mon, the obvious choice for this kind of ride is Eazy-E’s “Boyz-n-the-Hood.”

via Gizmodo

Credit: Studio Diip