i'm Jewel smart watch collection: Euro 9,999 – 11,999 / $13,785 – $16,542

Clearly we're suckers for luxuriously appointed gadgets, having recently posted on a golden cell phone and a bejeweled iPad. So what's so interesting about a gold watch? Not much, unless it also happens to be "the world's first real smart watch." That's how Italian company Blue Sky describes their entire line — including the non-precious metal models in the $400 ballpark — of 'futuristic' wristwatches.

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From a technical standpoint, it seems like futuristic devices should at least do stuff past devices haven't already done, right? Well, connecting to a phone by Bluetooth is cool, but the joint Sony/Fossil MBW-100 watch was doing it five years ago. It's not even the first watch to connect to smart phones and run its own apps, as Allerta's inPulse watch has been doing that for years. They also claim to be "introducing the first ever capacitive touch display on curved surface." But Google and Samsung already introduced that feature in the Nexus S phone in 2010. Maybe they meant the first capacitive touch screen that's convex, not concave?

Alright, admittedly it's cool that the i'm Watch line will run Android — even if it's a customization of the oldest version of Android in existence. Although, the high-resolution sapphire glass screen does look like a neat way to multitask between viewing contacts, images and incoming calls; listening to music; checking weather and appointments; and getting a variety of messaging and social notifications. It's pretty cool that it'll have a 3.5mm headphone, connection and power minijack, a microphone and a built-in speaker. And its rechargeable battery seems decent, offering up to a day of standby with Bluetooth enabled and up to 3 hours of talk on its speaker.

Blue Sky isn't at a loss for boastful claims or design cliches. But we'll see in January if developers and consumers have embraced their smart watch concept. In the meantime, they're currently taking 50 percent deposits on all pre-orders.

Credit: Blue Sky