It's Not the Speed that'll Kill Ya' it's the Radiation: Traveling faster than the speed of light could kill you with radiation, reports Gizmodo.

According to the tech and geek blog, even if scientists succeed in creating a ship that can outstrip the speed of light itself, we wouldn't be able to travel inside it due to the massive amount of cosmic radiation. The idea is simple, if you travel at a normal speed you'll be exposed to a normal amount of radiation, but as you speed up, you'll encounter more radiation.

The key is in the hydrogen molecule. Gizmodo quotes the researchers article in the publication In Natural Science:

Unfortunately, as spaceship velocities approach the speed of light, interstellar hydrogen H, although only present at a density of approximately 1.8 atoms/cm3, turns into intense radiation that would quickly kill passengers and destroy electronic instrumentation. In addition, the energy loss of ionizing radiation passing through the ship's hull represents an increasing heat load that necessitates large expenditures of energy to cool the ship.

This might ebb the hyperspeed dream, but until this effect is actually measured, it's still a mathematical hypothesis. However, if they're right, hydrogen might be blocking us from trekking the stars.

While this study is new, it's not the first of its kind. We've previously covered the space industry's work with warp drives and they've found loopholes in this hydrogen theory. via Gizmodo