The Zerg are Coming: Try searching for zerg rush on Google. See what happens. You won't be disappointed. Want to know what it is? After the search is performed, the O's from Google will begin to swarm and eat your search results. Google will keep score for you as you fend off the O's by rapidly clicking on each. Once your page is consumed the game is over. The O's are good sports, so they'll give you a GG — for good game. The zerg came about after the game Starcraft in the late 90s, and has gone on to mean attack by many weak enemies, eventually overwhelming any resistance. (6:30 p.m.) via CNN

Funnel Of Fire! "Fire tornadoes" are rare in nature, but when the conditions are just right during a wildfire, they can erupt just like a regular tornado. They are dangerous yet enigmatic formations that can burn even hotter within the vortex (watch the DNews "Fire Tornado Explainer"). Seen here rampaging through drought-stricken farmland in Brazil, one wildfire spawned a fire tornado that was filmed dancing across fields. It reached several meters high before it disappeared. (5:48 p.m.) via BBC News

Scorned Dentist Pulls Out All Teeth: Dentist, Anna Machowiak, who practices in Poland must have been pretty peaved after her boyfriend broke up with her for another woman. Because two days after the breakup, the ex, Marek Olszewski, asked her to check an aching tooth. Machowiak gave him a large dose of anesthetic and then pulled out all his teeth. Mackowiak has been accused of medical malpractice and could face up to three years in prison. (12:30 p.m.) via Fox13Now

Shark Surfing Causes Outrage: Three guys go fishing and "accidentally" catch a thresher shark by the tail. It drowns in the process. They tow it back to shore. Next day, they go to tow it back out to sea to bury it and decide it would be fun to try to surf on it behind the boat. They take a video. One of the guys posts it on Facebook. Outrage ensues that they could be so cold-hearted. The guys apologize. The New Zealand government says it has found nothing illegal about it. What do you think? See the picture here at New Zealand's Otago Daily Times. (10:05 a.m.) via Underwater Times

Facebook 'Likes' Organ Donors: Forget whether your married, single or "it's complicated," Facebook now has a feature to declare whether or not you're an organ donor. The company announced a plan to encourage its 161 million members to announce their donor status on their pages, along with their birth dates and schools. The new feature will also offer links to online donor registries, where people can change their donor status. The company hopes the move may help increase the number of donors and decrease the estimated 7,000 people who die every year waiting for an organ transplant. (9:10 am) via New York Times