The Trail Rider in action. Photo: Gnarboards

Love skateboarding but wish it were more like off-road racing? Want to roll to work but get tired easily? Grab the world’s most powerful electric skateboard, from Gnarboards. The company, owned and operated by Joshua Tulberg, produces three models: the Commuter, the Road Warrior and the Trail Rider. All three have a top speed of 28mph, but it’s the Trail Rider that is the “gnarliest of the bunch” – it goes from a standstill to its top speed in just 1.9 seconds.

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Photo: Gnarboards

It also has four wheel drive, nine inch pneumatic all-terrain tires and foot plantings to keep the rider from flying off as the board races through the sand and up mountains. For those looking for an equally exhilarating, city-based ride, the Road Warrior is the way to go, built for cornering and carving (also with four wheel drive).

The Commuter lives up to its name; its low deck height, tires made for street riding, range of up to 21 miles, plus a recharge time of just two hours (matched by the other two models), make it perfect for getting to and from work.

Gnarboards, operated via a hand held controller, are heavy (from 70/86 pounds). As they’re built to order, they’re expensive as well. But a lot of people are likely to empty their pockets for the ability to take their riding to this level. For an idea of what the Trail Rider can do, check out the video.