No GM Labeling in Calif: A measure that would require most foods made with genetically engineered

ingredients to be labeled in California was defeated.

The Prop 87 initiative was proposed by those who argue consumers have a right to know what foods have been modified since, they claim, the science is still out about potential health impacts. Those on the other side argued that science has proven genetically modified foods are safe to eat.

Nearly 80 percent of processed foods sold in the United States are

made with genetically engineered ingredients such as corn, soybeans and cottonseed oil. Seeds for these crops are

genetically altered to make them more resistant to pests and

invasive weeds.

"We said from the beginning that the more voters learned about Prop. 37, the less they would like it," Kathy Fairbanks,

a spokeswoman for the opposition, told the San Francisco Chronicle. "We didn't think they would like the

lawsuits, more bureaucracy, higher costs, loopholes and exemptions. It