During the winter, Finland plunges into darkness. In the northern regions that cross the Arctic Circle, the sun never rises for two months, while the southern regions may only see about six hours of daylight.

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That’s bad news for reindeer, who tend to blend in with the landscape, and for motorists who have a hard time seeing the animals in the dark. So members of the Finnish Reindeer Herders’ Association are spraying reindeer with a reflective coating, in effort that make them more visible to drivers of cars and snowmobiles. The group has experimented with two techniques: spraying the material on the reindeer’s antlers and fur.

“The goal is specifically to prevent road accidents. The spray is being tried on their fur, but it is maybe more effective on their antlers because the reflection can be seen in every direction,” Reindeer Herders’ Association Executive Director Anne Ollila said, according to Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yle.

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The association plans to use the spray during next fall’s reindeer roundup in Lapland, the largest and most northern region in Finland. Judging by the above photo, seeing a hulking beast appear out of the snowy darkness with lightning bolt-like antlers should be enough to scare Finnish motorists into easing off the throttle.

via Gizmodo

Credit: Anne Ollila