We’ve seen a lot of photographs from the inauguration yesterday. But you might not have seen one like this taken by staff members of the Washington Post. It’s a GigaPan panoramic that lets viewers zoom in and out and examine details so high-res, the experience is almost better than if you had been there.

Gigapans are made using a digital camera secured to a robotic mount. The camera snaps hundreds, sometimes thousands of images and then GigaPan Stitch Software automatically combines those images into a single, super high-resolution photograph.

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According to the Washington Post, this GigaPan image was made by stitching together 305 high-resolution photographs taken over a 13-minute period during President Obama’s inauguration speech.

Back in 2009, David Bergman took a GigaPan; that one had 220 images stitched together.

Credit: Screengrab of Gigapan created by Toni Sandys, Wendy Galietta, Emily Chow, Katie Park and Karen Yourish/The Washington Post. Interact with the actual image here.