The language of travel is enticing — globe-trotting, jet-setting, backpacking — but securing the proper equipment can be daunting. Why not shop for items guaranteed to ease the travel bug for your favorite travel addict? You can be confident Discovery's Holiday Gift Guide 2011: For the Travel Fanatic will put you on the map this Christmas.

When exploring a foreign land, travelers spend a lot of time waiting for planes, trains and buses. Regardless, no one needs to fret with a Kindle in their pack. Amazon's favorite e-Reader boasts epic battery life and a vast library of titles to load up on. We're recommending the cheapest, lightest Kindle you can afford. It's light on your wallet and weighs less than 6 ounces. Plus, it will fit in a pocket and doesn’t roll in the price of a 3G plan that won’t work abroad, anyway. It's available from Amazon for only $79.

Perhaps you could buy a foreign language translation dictionary for your Kindle so you can tell the locals not to to spoil the end of "The Hunger Games."

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When in a foreign land, your wayfarer may have trouble with communication. If he's not a fluent speaker — or really likes Pictionary — try Point It, a card-based communication system. Point It simplifies ordering food or asking for the nearest car rental to something even Wile E. Coyote could understand:  an image on a card.

Point It contains 1,200 items grouped by category and allows travelers to point at the relevant image rather than learn pronunciation, grammar and comprehension skills. The book, which is about the size of a passport, is a simple, clear way to communicate. Snap it up for only $22.

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"Don't drink the water" is a phrase your travel-crazed buddy might want to learn in every language, unless she's interested in a tour of the local restrooms. When it comes to circumventing the local water systems, there is no better accessory than the Katadyn Water Purification Bottle. This little wonder can accept water from anywhere and filter and purify it on the go. Your favorite day-tripper will love the EPA-registered MyBottle Purifier system. It removes all viruses, bacteria and cysts from the water as you drink without pumps or tablets. Simply pour water into the bottle and drink away. This little beauty costs a refreshing $50.

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These three small pieces of gear will ensure your adventurer remembers your thoughtfulness. Who knows, if you grab the right gift, you might even get a postcard from a far-off land!

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