If the zillions of cat pictures uploaded everyday to Facebook and Tumblr are any indication, we are a people who truly love our pussies, errrm, kitties. And what better way could there be to show our love for our favorite feline friends than to give them a seat behind the turntable and let them scratch away?

“In the name of completely misunderstanding Schrödinger’s work we introduce our newest cat/box combination, the scratch mat! Cats scratch furniture to mark their territory, exercise their muscles and for sheer pleasure. All similar reasons youths mix music, and if we are to cross over both those cultures we’d rather get cats mixing music than teenage boys bringing bedraggled birds back to your doorstep.” – SUCK UK

This cat scratching mat looks like a mixing deck, complete with a spinning turntable and moveable tone arm, but instead of vinyl, your little furball can lay down some heavy grooves on a cardboard platter. The Cat Scratch comes packed flat and can be quickly folded together to amuse both your kitty and yourself (and maybe help save your couch, and your chairs, and your rugs…).

You know what would be a step up on the awesomeness meter? Integrating a sensor on the turntable, hooked to an audio source and a speaker, so musically gifted cats can really get down.

Available from SUCK UK.