Mohu Leaf: $44

Admit it: You'd like to watch local TV channels in high definition without paying for cable or satellite. What do you have to hide? An indoor HD TV antenna, that's what. The Mohu Leaf, which looks like a large mousepad, is thin enough that you can easily hide it behind a bookcase or (as in the image above) a picture frame.

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To be sure, over-the-air digital TV coverage varies. So check out this resource page filled with links to interactive tools. That way, you can research which digital television stations you're likely to receive, based on your exact location and topography. Mohu also offers a page of videos that shows how to use those tools, as well as install the antenna. If you should decide to purchase a Leaf on Amazon, you'll be one step closer to receiving HD content without a monthly cable or satellite bill.

Credit: Mohu