Party in the ‘Big Bang’ Machine: I’ve had friends who have visited the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN near Geneva, Switzerland, and they usually exclaim, “That place is BIG!” which was exactly my response after visiting New York for the first time. Although the LHC is the most complex machine mankind has ever built and contains massive cathedral-like particle detectors, no amount of HD photography seems to capture the immensity that is the “Big Bang Machine.”

But with the help of an interactive panorama by, you can go some way to comprehending just how big one of the LHC’s detectors really are. The CMS detector, one of the LHC’s two largest detectors that helped discover the Higgs boson (or at least signs of the Higgs boson), weighs in at 12,500 tons — this is what it looks like when sandwiched in the middle. Go full screen! via