If you’re like me, you don’t get organized to take on a new year until the end of January. You might also be fascinated with space, enjoy learning something new every day, and love creative outlets for space-based science communication. Well, there’s a way to merge all these things: Steve Cariddi’s Year in Space Calendar.

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Published in cooperation with the Planetary Society, this calendar is like one of those fantastic coffee table books that combines breathtaking images from Hubble and planetary missions with easy to digest pieces of information that will sometimes surprise even the most dedicated space fan. Only this one you can hang on your wall. Each month has a topic, be it a milestones in exploration, a feature on the International Space Station, or a groundbreaking missions. Each topic is illustrated with relevant artwork and photographs and fleshed out by fast facts that put each topic into a larger framework.

But it’s the daily details on this calendar that are so incredible. Each date is marked by something unique and more interesting than the start of a holiday we all know about. There are daily listings about what you can see in the sky each night, astronomical locations of planets as seen from the Earth, and events like meteor showers. There are even illustrations showing the current phase of the Moon. But my favourite, which will appeal to all the other history nerds out there, is that each date also includes a list of events that happened on that day listed by year, from births of important figures to recent mission launches.

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It’s not too late to grab a fantastic space calendar and get your year organized! The Year in Space calendar even has Alan Boyle’s seal of approval; last year it was named “Science Geek Gift of the Year” on his blog, Cosmic Log. Check out the Year in Space’s website for more.