In our collective consciousness, the French have a reputation for scent. Cut into a wheel of Roquefort, uncork a vintage bottle of Petrus or a flacon of Parisian perfume and you'll smell what I mean.


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So, it should come as no surprise that French company, Olf-Action, has developed SMELLIT, a device designed to aromatically enhance the video games and movies of your home entertainment system.

A cluster of what look like six miniature jet turbines affixed to a stand presumably will blast out synchronized odors that correspond with onscreen activity. SMELLIT hasn't officially been released yet, but it's due for its public unveiling this month at the 2011 Lisbon Design Show in Portugal.

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Olf-Action has a similar system already in use for movie theaters called Odoravision. Assuming that SMELLIT will employ the same kind of cartridge based scent system, home gamers and movie buffs can look forward to the pleasant whiffs of cut grass, cake and the seaside to heighten their experience. Some of the more nose-plugging scents include burned gasoline, horse and bathroom odor. Check out a full roster of Odoravision smells here.

[Via GizMag]