About a month ago, leaked emails revealed that former President George W. Bush was a fairly decent artist with images showing his paintings of his own feet in the bath and his back in the shower.

Now an art instructor who spent about a month guiding the former president on his artistic strokes has gushed to Atlanta’s Fox 5 that Bush was in fact a very quick learner.

“He picked it up so quick, it was amazing actually,” she said. “His whole heart is in it.”

Bonnie Flood, a Georgia art instructor who spent about a month teaching the 43rd president how to paint, also revealed that at first Bush mostly painted his dogs.

“I think he said he’d painted 50 dogs,” she said.

She said she urged him to move on to other subjects, including landscapes. Unsure what to call her pupil, Flood told Fox 5 that she eventually just called him “43″ because that, she said, is how he signs his paintings.  Via Sky News and Fox 5.