Back when electronics weren't the sleek, multifaceted definitions of modern culture, my friends and I (12-year-old, mischief-making boys) loved going to Spencer Gifts in the local mall and pressing every button on every one of those noise-making gizmos. Our unanimous favorite was the fart remote which trumpeted out multiple octaves of flatulence.

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Now that our devices can, among other things, stream movies, the novelty of sound makers has long been silenced. But alas, a new one has risen from the bowels of obscurity. While it doesn't necessarily release digital toot tones, what it does do is cover up the real ones you make while you're in the bathroom.

Is your loo right off your dining room like mine? Holding a dinner party with five bean chili as the main course? Well, thanks to the Eco-Otome, you won't have to open your restroom door all red-faced to a bunch of cringing dinner guests.

Eco-Otome gives you 25 seconds of white noise to do your business under a veil of audio that gives new meaning to the phrase, "Cover me, I'm going in."

A pointless, unneeded gadget? Next time you're on a plane take a gander through Sky Mall's catalog or peruse Harriet Carter's inventory, then get back to me.

However, I fail to see the worth of a device who's function can easily be replicated with an extra flush or a running faucet, especially when the device's noise sounds exactly like those more practical options.

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But Eco-Otome's white noise also sounds like one of those rain sticks, so as long as you imagine that, maybe it's worth it. Unless of course you have a rain stick taking up valuable Feng shui real estate in a corner. If so, heck, just move it to the bathroom an let the rains take a dump when you gotta do the same.

Just don't invite Gary Busey over for your dinner party unless you want the night to take a really weird turn.