If you love gadgets, gizmos and electronics, you probably already know about the Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow. This huge event held annually every January consumes Las Vegas, not just with the two thousand or so exhibitors that feature their innovations, but with the 150,000 people that swarm to the halls and hotels to see them.

This year, we’ll be among the throngs, keeping an eye open for dazzling technology, the latest devices and the most out-of-this world inventions. Our team consists of several reporters, some of whom will be on the floors visiting exhibition booths and talking with vendors, and others who’ll be keeping watchful eye on news feed from their home base.


To stay in touch with the latest tech and gadgets from CES, check in with our crew on a regular basis. You can scan their news feeds or follow them on Twitter. They are:

Rob Pegoraro. His twitter feed is @robpegoraro.

Scott Tharler. His twitter feed is @gadgetconcierge.

Christina Ortiz.

Alice Truong. Her twitter feed is @alicetruong. Alice has already posted a handful of blogs about gadgets making their debut at CES. Get a head start by reading them:

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When in doubt, look for the logo at the top of this post on our website. It’ll direct you to the latest news coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show.

This article is part of our ongoing coverage of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Find more CES articles here.

Credit: Getty Images