As the preferred gift of teacher's pets and the daily, apotropaic fruit that keeps doctors away, apples have somewhat of a goody-two shoes reputation. But actually, they've got a dirty side to them. Just ask these guys who recently ranked apples atop their list of fruits and veggies most contaminated with pesticides.

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And those pesky stickers that always leave a gluey residue if you can even pick them off with your fingernail…no wonder apples got biblically tagged as the forbidden fruit.


Enter Scott Amron, a New York-based electrical engineer, who has an idea that could literally clean up the apple's act. His Fruitwash stickers, when put under the water faucet, would dissolve into organic fruit soap that removes pesticides, fungicides and that annoying water-resistant wax.

"I've always been discontent with fruit labels and felt they could do more than just display product info and be difficult to peel off," Amron told Gizmag. "We buy, wash and eat fruit. So, the wash step was the next thing the label should help with."

Amron is keeping his Fruitwash ingredients under wraps, be he said they're designed to "outlast the fruit they label."

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He added: The "best thing is the labels help make the fruit cleaner. And, there's no label to peel off and throw away unless you choose to peel the label off and throw it away."

Amron Experimental is currently selling a 10 percent stake in the Fruitwash Label's patents and hopes to market the soapy stickers within the next six to nine months.

[Via GizMag]

Image: Amron Experimental