The Beer Froster: $549.00 – $2,400

The summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean ice cold beer won’t be a necessity. The Beer Froster can chill a beer to a cool 24 degrees Fahrenheit without freezing it. The home versions looks like a mini fridge, but the company maintains that it's not a kegerator or a beer cooler, it’s something entirely in its own category. The Froster houses a highly accurate medical-grade thermostat that maintains a steady temperature and helps the alcohol in the beer, along with the high pressure within the bottle, to act as antifreeze, keeping the drink cold without freezing it. Like a wine fridge, the Froster keeps beer in its best and coolest state without damaging the flavor.

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The models range from home-size fridges that can hold 24 bottles to commercial-grade ones that can hold up to 720 bottles. While the Froster has been very popular with man cave dwellers and bar owners, alike, the only gripe some have had is the cost. The home version of the freezer comes in at a sale price of $549.00 (regularly $699.00) and the commercial version ranges from $899.00 to $2,400. According to current owners, though, this is a small price to pay for a near perfect beer.

Credit: Beer Froster