Fresh Finger Found in Fish: A human finger found in the belly of a trout from the cold waters of a northern Idaho lake may or may not be reunited with the owner's hand. The owner, 31-year-old Haans Galassi, lost the finger back in July during a wakeboarding accident. Trying to correct for slack in the line as he was wakeboarding, the rope wrapped around his left hand.

"It pulled me over in the water and dragged me for a few feet before it broke me free," Galassi told CNN. "I didn't feel pain at first, just numbness and I pulled my hand out of the water and it was bad news. I look and see I'm missing all four fingers at that point."

The fisherman who found the finger put it in a freezer and called the sheriff's office. "The lake is cold and deep so it was in remarkably good shape," Detective Gary Johnston of the Bonner County Sheriff's Department reported. "We fingerprinted it and sent it to the state lab to match what's on file and lo and behold they came back and said that's Haans' little finger."

Galassi at first said he didn't want it back, but has since called his doctor to see if reattachment is possible. "I'm waiting for him to call me back," he said in a report this morning. The finger, in the meantime, remains in the Sheriff's evidence freezer.