We often forget that while adults can stand up to this constant

psychological marketing, children are more sensitive to strong emotional

attacks. Four-year-old Abigael finally decided she'd had enough and

didn't want to see anything more from "Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney."

The 2012 election is tomorrow and senators, members of Congress, legislators, delegates, judges, attorneys, council members, committee members, trustees, sheriffs, school board members, mayors and dog catchers are all competing for attention and votes. The commercials are so intense, and so common, some of you are no doubt wishing you could see an advertisment for ANYTHING else. (Where is a laundry detergent ad when you want one?!)

The frustration we all feel from watching political messages dance across our screen is reaching its peak. The ads are filling our homes with alternating slogans of mistrust or promises and in response one mother filmed her daughter hitting the breaking point.

We know how you feel, Abigael… via YouTube

p.s. – Good luck tomorrow! Remember, no matter who you vote for, make an informed choice and exercise your right.

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