Ford C-MAX has a 570 mile range (Photo: Ford)

The hybrid fuel economy bar has been raised yet again. As car makers work harder to squeeze every mile out of a gallon of gas, the EPA has just certified the new Ford C-MAX hybrid at an incredible 47 mpg in the city, and 47 mpg on the highway — making it the first hybrid to achieve equal city and highway ratings, and beating the hybrid-leader, Toyota Prius v, by 7 mpg.

This gives the C-MAX a range of 570 miles. That means you could fill it up in Los Angeles, drive to Las Vegas, and make it back to LA  on a single tank of gas. Try that in the Prius v and you’d fall about 120 miles short.

I’m in LA this week to give the C-MAX one of its first test drives, so stay tuned for a full review later this week.

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