Images: Ford

As Ford Motor Company prepares for the rollout of its all-new Focus Electric it has announced it has certified the first 67 dealers to offer the gas-free car that will arrive this spring with nationwide availability coming by the end of the year.

The Focus Electric has also been officially certified by the EPA with a class-leading fuel equivalent of 110 mpg (MPGe) in the city and a combined MPGe of 105.

Certification by Ford means the dealers have met certain guidelines for selling electrics including installing at least two onsite charging stations as well as participating in specialized EV training.

“The amount of hard work and resources dealers put into becoming certified really is a testament to how excited they are, how excited customers are and how excited we are about electric vehicles, starting with Focus Electric,” said David Gutman, Ford’s field operations manager.

Ford says its new Focus Electric beats the Nissan Leaf EV by 6 MPGe and they offer a faster charging system than Nissan – cutting full recharge time nearly in half. The Focus Electric can also be controlled by onboard Microsoft technology that will allow owners to take advantage of cheaper utility rates during off-peak times and it can be monitored via the MyFord Mobile app.

Production of the new Focus Electric began in December, 2011. It will be available this spring in California, New Jersey and New York and a total of 19 markets across the U.S. by summer’s end.

The Focus Electric is rated for 76 miles per full charge and Ford estimates an overnight charge to run between $1 and $2. While pricing starts at nearly 40 grand Ford reminds customers the vehicle is eligible for a $7,500 federal tax incentive and thanks to a new law in California buyers in that state can get an additional $2,500 rebate PLUS the vehicle can be operated in the state’s HOV lanes regardless of occupant count.