When they’re not busting myths on the Discovery Channel, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage are busy cooking up great DIY projects and keeping up to date on the latest achievements of the world’s best makers.

Here’s some of the latest features for Jamie and Adam’s site Tested:

In this video, self-described Paper Airplane Guy John Collins has spent his entire life studying paper airplanes. He designed and folded the plane that holds the world record for distance flight. In this video, we talk about everything from aerodynamics to the qualities that make one kind of paper better than another for flight.

Meanwhile, in an exclusive report from ComiCon, Tested talks with a representative of The Prop Store of London, taking a look at Kane’s spacesuit from Alien as well as the animatronic head used for the aliens in The Fifth Element.

Then, Tested moves into the kitchen to unlock the secrets of sous vide cooking. Watch as they cook a medium-rare steak using just a cooler, vacuum sealer, thermometer, and blow torch.

Finally, there’s an in-depth review of electronic board games. These now-classic games combine the charm of traditional board games with the vintage fun of 80s circuitry.