The Terrafugia in flight. Image via YouTube screenshot.

The dreams of those who want nothing more than to avoid traffic by launching into the air and flying right over it are one step closer to coming true. The long-anticipated Terrafugia Transition, set to become the first flying car on the market in history, completed its first phase of flight testing (video below), reported Gizmag. Cleared for highway driving this time last year, the Terrafugia had no problem passing the airborne part of the exam.

Classified as a light sport aircraft, the flying car’s wings fold inward for driving mode, so it doesn’t have to take up three lanes to get around. This stage of testing looked at the vehicle’s performance and maneuverability in the air. There are still five more tests to pass before it can be fully certified for both road driving and flight, but Terrafugia is set on having those willing to plunk down $279,000 flying free over crowded highways by the end of 2012.