New York City is a world-class vacation destination, of course, but you don’t go there for the beaches. Well, you can, but the bloated corpses floating down the Hudson River tend to kill the mood.

Just kidding, NYC Tourism Bureau! Please don’t send mail! In any case, the New York City beach vacation may become a reality yet, if “experience designer” Blayne Ross has anything to say about the matter.

Giant Floating City Would Drift Like An Iceberg

Ross’ City Beach NYC project would bring a floating beach to the Hudson River, complete with sand, umbrellas, beach chairs and cabana rentals. The beach, you see, would actually be a giant river barge, renovated to facilitate the sun and surf lifestyle.

Well, no surf, actually. As of now, there aren’t plans for swimming, either in shipboard pools or in the Hudson. But there will be a waterfall, which Ross hopes will help oxygenate the river water. The plan also calls for recycled materials wherever possible.

Besides sun and sand, the deck of the barge would also feature restaurants and retails spaces. Built-in light tubes will redirect sunshine below decks as well, where Ross hopes to install additional facilities like a changing rooms and a marine science exhibit.

Floating Nuclear Plant Would Ride Out Tsunamis

The plan is to make City Beach a floating waterfront park, which could dock at various places around the city during summer months. The faux beach would be free and open to the public, with profits generated from on-site concessions.

Its all just a vision for now, though. Ross intends to crowdfund the initial stages with a $200,000 campaign. You can sign up for more information on the project page.

via Gizmag

Credit: City Beach NYC