Photo via Mike Polocz on YouTube

Normally when you’re out in the Alaskan wilderness, you try to avoid bears, or at least observe them while keeping a safe distance. Bears can be a threat to your safety after all — but what do you do when it’s the bear that’s being threatened?

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In this find from Backcountry’s The Goat, a video by Mike Polocz shows a bear cub in the Kenai River drowning in the current of a whirlpool. It cries out for help, but its mother is nowhere near, and so two fisherman take it upon themselves to rescue it. As you’ll see, they extend a net and an oar to the bear:

The problem with this rescue attempt is, the fishermen assume the bear knows how to grab onto the net or oar as if it’s human — which it is clearly not. Also, if the bear did manage to get into the boat to safety, what would have happened then? Would then, the bear try to attack the fishermen? It’s not like it’s going would have dried itself off with a towel and said, “Thank you.”

Fortunately, as stated by the video’s description, the “little guy was completly teriffied, however upon making it to shore he let out one more cry for mom and we heard her coming back for him.” So let it be known, as much as you try to survive in the wilderness amidst bears roaming around, bears too need to survive in the same elements.