A shark research group working in the North Atlantic says it has found the first-ever great white shark nursery in those waters.

Ocearch was able to tag nine baby great whites off Long Island in New York, after finding a nursery there during a recent expedition, according to WABC.

"We have just been totally overwhelmed by the abundance here and the volume of sharks we're seeing," Ocearch researcher Chris Fischer told WABC.

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The scientists have the shark-tagging process down pat and can outfit sharks with sensors and trackers in under 15 minutes. The gear should allow them to study the big fish for the next decade.

Among the sharks tagged was a 4-foot female called Montauk and another female, named Gratitude, shown below in an Ocearch tweet:

Visitors to Ocearch's website can track the sharks tagged by the organization, which also has a tracking app available.

Great white sharks, while not protected under the Endangered Species Act, nonetheless are covered under a number of federal laws and regulations. Pinpointing this nursery's location could help establish further restrictions aimed at protecting the species.

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