If watching fireworks exploding in the sky isn’t stimulating enough, celebratory shows are now blasting revelers with fruity smells and confetti you can eat.

This new multimedia, multi-sensory show comes from British experience design studio Bompas and Parr. They first tried it out during the New Year’s Eve fireworks in London earlier this month in partnership with Vodafone and the city’s mayor, Boris Johnson. (Hat tip to Gizmodo.)

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The flavor artists sent out apple, cherry and strawberry-smelling mist, blasted edible banana confetti, floated huge white bubbles filled with “Seville orange-flavored smoke” and shot off “peach snow,” according to the project description. Bompas and Parr indicated they chose those particular fruits because they were relatable and recognizable. All the edible stuff was both halal and kosher.

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“We’re going to let people actually taste the fireworks, and they’re fruity,” Sam Bompas said in a Vodafone Firsts video about the London show. To be clear, all these effects were done to enhance the main attraction. The actual fireworks shooting up into the night didn’t smell like strawberries or taste like bananas, although that would have been quite the feat.

The dapper duo is moving onto the next wacky taste thing now: drinking cocktails in space. Sadly they’ll be talking about that in London this weekend, far from Super Bowl festivities. One U.S. city is going to be having a crazy celebration after the big game, and I’ll bet the smoke around it won’t smell like strawberries.

Photo: The New Year’s Eve 2014 fireworks show in London sent out fruity tastes and smells. Credit: Clarence Ji, Flickr Creative Commons