In what’s sure to delight Game of Thrones fans, the Guinness World Records 2014 book has crowned the world’s biggest walking robot.

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Say hello to Tradinno, the 30-foot tall, fire-breathing dragon who is 51 feet long and boasts a 40-foot wingspan. Though it can’t fly, the 11-ton monster can walk around, shoot fire from its nostrils and mouth and can flap its polyurethane and reinforced plastic wings.

Built by German electronics maker Zollner Elektronik AG, Tradinno is a radio-controlled quadruped that operates on a 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine with two hydraulic circuits, 272 hydraulic valves, 65 animated axles and 238 sensors. The scaly beast has 984 feet of hydraulic lines, more than 4,200 feet of electric cables and 360 feet of pneumatic lines.

A patented control concept, a walking algorithm and seven mobile degrees of freedom on each leg allow Tradinno to move laterally and walk around corners.

When it’s not breaking world records, the dragon’s main job is a prop/character in an outdoor rendition of “Drachenstich,” one of Germany’s oldest folk plays. That kind of gig requires Tradinno’s veins to to be filled with 21 gallons of stage blood, along with 24 pounds of liquid gas to breathe fire.

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But enough talking about Tradinno’s specs. I say it’s time to release the fire-breathing dragon…or at least check it out in this video. If you want to keep your eyebrows, don’t stand too close.

via CNET

Credit: Guinness World Records