Is Black Magic in Cornwall?: A beheaded horse on a beach has sparked fears that a satanic cult may be to blame for a spate of recent animal killings. "In a similar incident, a pregnant mare was found mutilated in a field, and died after her foal was delivered stillborn," according to the Telegraph. Both attacks happened around the time of this month's "super moon." (5:10pm) via Telegraph

95-Year-Old Backpacker Hits Road: Backpacking around Europe is no longer for the twenty-something set procrastinating adulthood. A 95-year-old Australian is about to set off on a backpacking adventure around Europe, and it's not his first. Keith Wright has been to 23 countries and 109 cities since he started backpacking … at 85. (4:34 p.m.) via Herald Sun

'An Unsettled Picture:' People tuning in to see BBC Scotland's weather forecast Thursday got to see a whimsical Prince Charles do the duty. "Against a backdrop of the BBC's weather map, Prince Charles delivered a specially written script which included references to royal residences in Scotland," according to the BBC. And, he was actually funny. See for yourself in the video below. (1:30pm) via BBC

Wreck of Missing Russian Plane Found: Search and rescue teams have located the new Russian jet that went missing during a demonstration flight yesterday with 50 possible buyers and journalists on board. The plane went down in a mountainous region of Indonesia and there is no indication of survivors. (5:55 a.m.) via CNN

Image: iStockPhoto