From sucrose to fructose and everything in between, soft drink companies try so hard to add ingredients that make their products more waistline friendly. Now Pepsi is taking the title "diet soda" to a whole new level. It's introduced the Pepsi Special, a Japan-only soda from the same folks who brought you "Clear Pepsi" in the late 20th century. Pepsi Special contains dextrin, a water-soluble fiber supplement that doubles as a stomach filler.

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Dextrin is also found in products like Benefiber and its main use in the United States is as a fiber supplement. However, in Japan, sodas containing the additive are becoming common. The supplement can make drinkers feel fuller and has been reported to reduce fat absorption. Basically, it could block fat.

According to CNET, another soda called Kirin Mets Cola also contains dextrin and has been qualified by Japanese standards from the Health Food & Nutrition Food Association as a food for "specified health uses." In other words, it's a health food. Pepsi Special has also been approved for this title and hit Japanese shelves earlier this week.

via: CNET

Credit: Suntory