Hövding Bike Helmet: $450

As gas prices go up, bicycles are becoming as standard a feature on the road as a car. However some commuting cyclists don’t wear helmets, whether to avoid “helmet hair” or having to find somewhere to store it. For the fashion-forward cyclist who still cares about safety, there’s the Hövding bicycle helmet. The Hövding is a collar device that contains a hidden hood-shaped airbag that only inflates when its sensors notice erratic movements of the cyclist during an accident. The senors in the Hövding are extremely sensitive to the rider’s movements, and can sense when a movement is normal and when it is following the pattern of an accident.

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The collar device can be switched on or off and has different shells to change up the design whenever the rider wants. It does require a charge, which can be done through a USB port. This kind of thing may seem like a cop-out to appease people who don’t want to wear a helmet, and in a way it is, but it beats the alternative, which for lots of cyclists is nothing. One down-side to this “invisible” helmet is that, like an airbag, once it’s been deployed it can’t be used again.

Credit: Hövding