In what I can only imagine to be a long line of Facebook-like advertising schemes of the future, a Brazilian clothing retailer has come up with a way to show shoppers what items are the most popular on Facebook.


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In their new "Fashion Like" campaign, fashion company C&A; have created LED-equipped hangers that display how often an article of clothing is "liked" via Facebook. Each hanger displays the number in an effort to persuade gullible shoppers into buying what's popular.

As companies desperately use social media to jockey for the online market, no doubt we'll be seeing more of these marketing campaigns. While Renault and Bacardi have already found ways to successfully manifest Facebook "likes" into tangible experiences for customers, Stussy's "Strip for Likes" campaign continues to blur the line between kosher and questionable.

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So what do you think? Are these ad ventures just a sign of the times or yet another example of how social media is being spoiled by overcommercialization?

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Credit: C&A;