Maybe it's because Facebook's share price is hovering around $30, down from $38 the day of its IPO back in May. Maybe it's because the big mystery announcement the company is making today at 1 p.m. ET isn't worth much. Maybe it's because Zuckerberg needs more cash/money/dollars. Whatever the case, the company apparently has launched a new money-making experiment designed to charge users to send messages to big-wigs, king pins, VIPS and top bananas, that they aren't friends with.

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The experiment was spotted and reported on by Mashable's Chris Taylor who got a pop-up dialogue box when he tried to message Mark. The box said Chris could send his message for $100 or have the note delivered to Zuckerberg's “other" folder. We can all guess what the “other" folder is, right?

via Guardian

Credit: Franz-Peter Tschauner/dpa/Corbis