Jump Delay Continues: After all the excitement on Tuesday's Red Bull Stratos skydive attempt, and its last-minute abort due to gusty winds at the Roswell, N.M., launch site, there was hope that we might see daredevil Felix Baumgartner float to 120,000 feet before the end of the week. Sadly, the weather is deteriorating and the Stratos team has confirmed that the record attempt won't happen till at least Sunday.

"The next weather window for Felix Baumgartner and Red Bull Stratos opens on Sunday, Oct. 14th — a three- day pre-alert, as well as daily weather updates, will follow and lead into the next launch day," said an official Red Bull Stratos email. "Thursday is unfortunately not possible. As we are late in the year we have to be patient and wait for perfect conditions and use those opportunities as they are identified."

But the good news is that Discovery News will be keeping a close eye on developments and Discovery Channel, with Velocity, still plan to cover the event live.