For you outdoorsy types who like to go to great lengths (and heights) for a good night's sleep, how does sleeping on an overhanging cliff platform at 6,562 feet sound? If this makes you yodel with delight, then you may want to unroll your sleeping bag at the adventure mountain resort, Waldseilgarten.

From high atop a Bavarian mountain summit in Pfronten, Germany, Waldseilgarten offers a variety of camping options for thrill seekers and daredevils alike.

For years, rock climbers have used portaledges — deployable hanging tent systems — for sleeping on cliff sides on multiple day climbs. But one man's necessity is another's recreation, so Waldseilgarten can set you up with your very own portaledge. Here, you're free to dream the night away as you hang off the side of a cliff or dangle from the tree tops.

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Acrophobics, however, might want to pitch their tents elsewhere or consider the winter months when igloos are available. Though be sure to bundle up. Inside temperatures of the igloos are a chilly 37 to 39 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ever felt like sleeping in a cocoon? Waldseilgarten offers portaledges suspended from thick branches of free standing trees where you can nod off swaying in the breeze. (Resisting the urge to sing 'Rock-a-bye Baby' for obvious reasons.)

Before a night of slung-up slumber, trained staff will teach all guests simple rope climbing techniques for ascending and descending the portaledges, which will come in handy when nature calls.

Along with your nerves of steel, also be sure to bring your wallet, preferably a fat one, because Waldseilgarten fetches a pretty penny. A night on cliff face ledges will set you back $1,199, while a treetop portaledge is $336 per person. The cheapest options are tree platforms for $168 a person.

Happy camping!

[Via GizMag]