Discovery News writer Nicole Gugliucci probably had the best view of Space Shuttle Discovery’s final launch, but this comes a close second. During a flight from Orlando, Fla., lucky passengers on a jet were treated to an unforgettable view: a shuttle launch from the air. YouTube user NeilMonday captured the whole thing.

The response of the passengers on the aircraft was pretty much what I was feeling when first watching this video. “The plane’s going to tip over, everyone’s standing on the right side,” says one of the passengers. What a memorable flight that must have been.

NEWS: Space Shuttle Discovery Arrives at Space Station

If there’s one thing that stands out about this video, it’s that the shuttle fills people with a sense of wonder, pride and awe. Six human beings (plus one humanoid robot) are traveling on that complex space vehicle that has served mankind for nearly three decades.

It’s sad to know that we are now down to the final two shuttle launches, NASA doesn’t have a replacement and probably won’t do for another ten years (according to NASA’s chief technologist).

Many thanks to @amywithlemon for sending me this video!

Source:, YouTube